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How to Access Comfast Extender Setup Page?

Comfast builds some of the best quality networking devices. WiFi range extenders are one of them. If you have invested in a Comfast range extender, then you first need to set it up at your home with the existing network. If you seek to set up your Comfast extender for the very first time, then you need to access its setup page to get the job done. After the setup is done, you can manage the settings of your extender using the same Comfast setup page. To get access to the setup page, you need to know the exact steps. If you have no idea how to do that, then this article will help you out. In this article, we have highlighted the exact steps of doing the task at hand. Thus keep on reading.

Steps to Access Comfast Extender Setup Page

Step 1: Connect the Devices

To initiate the process, form a connection between the Comfast WiFi range extender and the host router. You can do so by choosing an Ethernet cable to make a wired connection. You also have the choice of connecting them wirelessly. Whether you connect them with a cable or without a cable, make sure that the connection between them is firm and secure. So, choose a good Ethernet cable if it is a wired connection. If it is a wireless one, then ensure to keep the devices in close proximity.

Step 2: Apply Power to Extender

The next step will be to connect the Comfast extender to an available power socket to apply power to it. Make sure to choose a well-working wall socket so that the extender is receiving a trouble-free power supply. You need to turn on your router as well.

Step 3: Turn on PC

Now, turn your computer on. If you have a laptop then you can use that. But make sure that the operating system installed on your computer or laptop is updated to the most recent version. This is because you do not get stuck during the process.

Step 4: Fire Up Browser

To move further, fire up a search engine on your computer or laptop. The browser can be any of your preferences. But consider updating it to the latest version and also cleaning the cache, cookies and other junk files from it. You need to access its settings to update and clean it.

Step 5: Insert Login Details

In the URL bar of the search engine, insert the Comfast WiFi extender login URL. Make sure there are no typing errors in the login URL. After typing and cross-checking the URL, hitting the Enter key will be the next step.
The previous step of yours will make you access the login page of the Comfast extender. You will thence need to input the login credentials in the given fields. Bear in mind that the login credentials are case-sensitive. Thus checking the Caps Lock key is advised before entering them. After that click on the Login button to access the Comfast wireless range extender setup page.

The Closing Note

This is all about how you can access the Comfast wireless range extender setup page. After you are on the setup page, you can do the setup if this was what you wanted to do. If the setup is done, you can access the settings and make the modifications to your extender, you can update its firmware or enable any settings as per your preference from the same page. Now onward, if you want to access the setup page of your Comfast extender, you can use the same steps and reach the destination that you want. read more

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